Welcome to the New Blog!


If this is your first time checking out the new blog, you haven’t missed a thing. Just getting started here, so hopefully you check back in again down the road. I hope to update this blog several times a month, maybe more if I really get into it. I will primarily be posting trip reports from my hikes into the mountains and up 14ers, but there will also be a new update anytime I add new photos, when I go storm chasing, or if I have any random thoughts regarding photography, the weather (I am a meteorologist, after all), or anything else really.

The comments below are open so if you want to chime in at all, feel free. I don’t really expect much out of this blog, but I found that I always have things to share with respect to my photos or my outdoor adventures… and Facebook just doesn’t seem to cut it. The effective lifespan of a photo or story on Facebook is on the order of a few days. Here, everything is archived and easy to find, and more organized, so we’ll see how it goes.

I’ll be posting the next update sometime in the next week, so stay tuned!